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The History

I am a theatrical lighting designer by trade. In 2015 I started working on a way to save time and money while hanging lights for theatrical productions. Cable Munkey is the result.


Cable Munkey started as a wooden CNC cutout, as it evolved I began working with 3D printing to prototype the new designs, over time it has turned into the configuration and shape that you see now. 

This project has been a passion of mine for a number of years now, and through my own use and testing I have found that it cuts down significantly on the time it takes to hang and strike lights.  It also significantly reduced my need to use tieline, tape or zip ties to tie up cables.


Cable Munkey is Patented in the USA (US 11,268,633 & D945,379), Canada (188673) and a Registered Trademark in the USA (6,054,270)


Munkey Industries LLC is proud to be a partner of Behind the Scenes Charity joining the Pledge-a-Product Program. A percentage of sales from every Cable Munkey® is donated to BTS



Cable Munkey easily slips onto battens or truss giving the user a quick and easy way to attach cable.  Data and power cables each run in their own separate hook for easy access, troubleshooting, and reduced electrical interference.  With integrated mousing points, cable can be secured for temporary use, permanent installations, or tours.  Place a Cable Munkey® every four feet and you’re ready to go.

  • Save Time During Hang and Strike

  • ​Greatly Reduce Tieline Needs and Cost

  • Separate Hooks for Power and Data

  • Durable and Reusable

  • Impact Resistant

  • One Handed Operation

  • Non-Scratch Design

  • Injection Molded Black Glass Filled Polypropylene

  • 5 Internal Mousing Points

  • Low Profile

  • Fits Standard 1 1/2” Battens & 2” Truss

  • Made in the USA

  • Each Holds Up To 24 lbs of Cable in a Distributed Load*

    • Load Examples - 4 ft Spacing 

      • 6-Multi (Socapex) and 6-DMX Cables Over 40 Feet

      • 12-SJO (12/3) and 12-DMX Cables Over 40 Feet​​

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