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Cable Munkey is a revolutionary heavy-duty hook designed to hold whatever you need in your basement, garage or workshop.  Cable Munkey is constructed of a high-strength glass-filled polypropylene material which allows it to safely hold heavy loads.  It has been tested to hold 24 lbs at a 5:1 safety factor.  Cable Munkey slips easily over 2x4, pipe, conduit, and ladder rungs, to add storage options and open up opportunities for hanging extension cords, tools and much more.  Cable Munkey has 5 built-in tie points to securely attach anything to the hook.  With two separate hooks, you are able to hang multiple items from a single Cable Munkey saving time and space.  Cable Munkey is designed, and manufactured in the USA. 

Munkey Industries LLC is a small independently owned and operated business 

Cable Munkey is Patented in the USA (US 11,268,633 & D945,379), Canada (188673) and a Registered Trademark in the USA (6,054,270)

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  • Double Hooks for Multiple Cable Types

  • Durable and Reusable

  • Impact Resistant

  • Non-Scratch Design

  • Molded Black Glass Filled Polypropylene

  • Internal Zip Tie Points

  • Low Profile

  • Fits 1 1/2” & 2” Pipe and Conduit

  • Fits over 2 x 4 material 

  • Holds Up To 24 lbs at a 5:1 Safety Ratio

  • Made in the USA

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